Sugar Woes

The Dance of the Sugar Woes!

You might not believe it but the facts are certainly clear. Sugar is one of the biggest woes of our generation. We think innocently enough that a little sugar here and a little sugar there is not going to be a problem but the effects are clear and cumulative. You might not know what the negative effects of sugar are but I want to outline some of the biggest.

On average, we are consuming over 140 pounds of sugar a year. However, at the beginning of time we would consume only about 20 teaspoons. The taste of sugar carries a two-edged sword. One, it cuts you with the temptation of that super sweet taste. Secondly, on the other side, it cuts you with the rise in sugar, the diabetes, the high blood pressure, the inflammation, and the premature death rate that will invariably occur.

Have you ever wondered what caused the ups and downs in your energy throughout the day? More likely than not it would be your blood sugar. If you eat a lot of sugar for breakfast then you will have a big chance of developing sugar lows, carb cravings, and subsequent weight gain.

  1. Insulin is disrupted.
  2. Stress hormones are elevated.
  3. Yeast is fed by sugar.
  4. Sugar feeds the bad bacteria.
  5. The immune system is negatively impacted.
  6. Sugar increases your food intolerances.
  7. Sugar will utilize too many nutrients.

However, if you have the “will power” and the knowledge, you can change this roller coaster ride. You are able to get off the roller coaster asap but you will have to make some changes. First you have to know what is causing the problem.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the hormone series that ran last week. In this series we talked about estrogen, cortisol, and testosterone.

To your health,

Dr. Haendiges



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