What Are Natural Bioidentical Hormones? | HRT Alternative | Compounded Dosage

What are natural hormones?

Bioidentical (natural) hormones have the same chemical structure as the hormones produced within the human body. Most natural bioidentical hormones are developed from natural plant sources, which are identical to those that the human body produces for itself. When there is a need to replace the body’s hormones, it only makes sense to use the ingredients that the body recognizes as its own, rather than potent artificial versions.

How do I get natural hormones?

Natural hormone therapy is prescribed by a physician. Dr. Haendiges prescribes natural hormones on a regular basis.

Can I take my prescription to any pharmacy in town?

No. It is impossible for manufacturers to obtain a patent on these substances because the ingredients are naturally derived. Without a patent, drug manufacturers will not go to the expense of manufacturing these products for marketing and sales. Natural hormones must be prepared from pure, plant derived chemicals by a pharmacist at a compounding pharmacy.

What dosage forms are available?

Compounded dosage forms are numerous and variable in nature. Each method has its advantages for use. Usage of specific dosage form depend on patient compliance, type of response desired and medications involved. Oral capsules, vaginal suppositories, transdermal creams, gels and troches (a lozenge that dissolves between the gum and tongue) are types of dosage forms available to be compounded and ideally each patient’s medications would be tailored to their individual needs for treatment.

Where do the actual bio-identical hormones come from?

Natural plant sterols are extracted from soybeans and/or Mexican yams, which are taken to a laboratory where they are converted chemically to hormones that are identical and indistinguishable from the body’s own.

If they are synthesized in a lab, doesn’t that make them synthetic?

These hormones are biologically identical in structure and function to hormones produced in the body. For that reason, these natural hormones are called “Bio-identical”, which means plant derived. The term “synthetic” is used to describe medications that are chemically altered to be many times more potent than the natural form.

Will my insurance plan cover Natural hormone treatments?

Most insurance companies will reimburse a percentage of the cost to the patient. Most flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts will allow you to pay for your hormone prescription.

Are Natural Hormone medications approved by the FDA?

The physician has the ultimate responsibility for judging the suitability of a medication for his or her patient regardless of whether it is patented or whether the use is listed on the label. The Food & Drug Act of 1938 contains specific exemptions to the approval process, with the specific intention of not interfering with a doctor’s ability to treat her patient.

Can I switch from HRT to natural hormones?

Yes. However, you do not want to stop your current HRT abruptly. You will need to speak with Dr. Haendiges about the proper way in which you should transition from HRT to natural hormones. If you go off of estrogen or progestin suddenly, you are at risk of experiencing uncomfortable side effects.

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