In-Office Novasure

Novasure is a quick and easy way to eliminate the hassle of heavy bleeding. Having performed over 150 procedures in the office, Dr. Haendiges and her staff have virtually eliminated the need to undergo general anesthesia.

If you, or someone you care about, suffer from heavy cycles, painful cycles, an over the top PMS type syndrome before your cycle, or are bothered by irregular cycles, it might be time to be evaluated for a possible endometrial ablation. Dr. Haendiges has the ability to do both Novasure and Thermachoice. Thermachoice is another choice that is utilized if the uterine cavity is too small or too large for the Novasure.

Dr. Haendiges has certainly had more experience in Central Indiana than any other gynecologist and this skill will bring about a high likelihood of amenorrhea. That means that there is definitely a good possibility to have your menstrual cycles cease all together after these procedures. Although this is not a guarantee, the odds are certainly in your favor.

Although there are other options, the first thing that we have to do is identify the reason that you might be having irregular or heavy cycles. If there is no identifiable reason, the likely reason is called Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding. The only treatment for this is to eliminate the hormonal imbalance by hormones or hormone management or a surgical procedure. By becoming skilled in endometrial ablation, Dr. Haendiges has significantly reduced the need for a hysterectomy in many of her patients.

Haendiges Associates, PC is proud to offer the NovaSure Endometrial Ablation and Thermachoice Endometrial Ablation, a simple, quick and safe outpatient treatment for women suffering from unusually heavy and/or prolonged menstrual periods. This condition, known as menorrhagia, affects one in five women in the United States.

The NovaSure® Endometrial Ablation System (“NovaSure”) is a next-generation treatment that reduces or eliminates excessive bleeding by safely removing the endometrial lining of the uterus. It is a type of procedure known as endometrial ablation (EA). The entire NovaSure procedure typically takes less than five minutes and requires no incisions, minimal recovery time and can be done in a physician’s office or an outpatient setting. Clinical results demonstrate that 91% of NovaSure patients returned to normal or lower than normal levels of bleeding, 93% of patients treated with NovaSure were satisfied with their results, and 97% said they would recommend NovaSure to a friend.

Affecting up to 10 million women in the United States, including one-third of “Baby Boomers”, heavy menstrual bleeding is one of the most common complaints in contemporary gynecology. Women with the condition face a number of debilitating physical and social effects, from fatigue and anemia to embarrassing accidents and restricted activity. One-fifth of sufferers responding to a National Women’s Health Resource Center (NWHRC) survey had missed work because of their condition and about half had missed a social or athletic event. Four out of five women believed their condition had a negative affect on their sexual relationships.

Despite its intolerable effects, the NWHRC found that most women (83%) do not seek treatment for the condition. When they do, hormone therapy and hysterectomy are commonly offered, despite their documented limitations and potentially dangerous side effects. Research shows hormone therapy is effective in reducing or eliminating heavy periods in less than 50% of cases.

In another study, 77% of women who tried hormone therapy to treat heavy periods sought surgical treatment within five years. A recent study demonstrates that the number one reason for discontinuation of hormone therapy is side effects, including headaches, weight gain and nausea. Additionally, hormone therapy may not an option for women who are over 35, smokers, or those with a history of cardiovascular disease, blood clots, diabetes or breast cancer. Hysterectomy, meanwhile, is a major surgical procedure that can be associated with serious long-term side effects, and may be a more invasive solution than many women with menorrhagia need.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, the efficacy and safety profile of EA over a 10-year period suggests it should receive greater consideration relative to hormone therapy and hysterectomy. Previous studies have demonstrated that early EA can help achieve better outcomes and greater improvement in health-related quality of life than traditional treatments. In May 2007, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) issued revised guidelines about who should be considered for EA. It suggests that EA is an appropriate first-line treatment for women with self-perceived heavy menstrual bleeding in other words, for women who feel that their heavy bleeding is a problem, doctors do not need to try hormones first to see if they will work.

“We can treat problem periods caused by heavy menstrual bleeding safely, effectively and quickly without the use of hormones and without resorting to drastic procedures like a hysterectomy,” says Dr. Michelle Haendiges, Haendiges & Associates, PC. “The energy delivery of the NovaSure procedure lasts on average 90 seconds and does not require general anesthesia: many patients return to work the next day. My experience has been that most patients say having the NovaSure procedure has improved their quality of life, and they report having less anxiety and more energy.”

The NovaSure System is only appropriate for pre-menopausal women with excessive menstrual bleeding due to benign causes who have completed childbearing. The NovaSure System does not replace birth control for the prevention of pregnancy. As with any surgical procedure, patients should discuss all risks and benefits with their physician.

About the NovaSure System
The NovaSure Impedance Controlled Endometrial Ablation System, or the NovaSure System, manufactured and marketed by Hologic, Inc., is a next-generation, minimally invasive treatment for excessive menstrual bleeding, or menorrhagia. Approved by the FDA in September 2001, the NovaSure System works by applying a precisely controlled dose of bipolar RF energy to remove the lining of the uterus.

Unlike other endometrial ablation treatments, the NovaSure procedure requires no hormonal pre-treatment, which is often associated with side-effects and treatment delays, and can be performed in an outpatient setting or doctor’s office at any time during the menstrual cycle, increasing flexibility for both the patient and physician. The NovaSure System provides a safe and effective, minimally invasive outpatient alternative to hysterectomy, while avoiding the potential side effects and long-term risks of hormone therapy.

Please call us at 765.459.8000 to schedule your consult with Dr. Haendiges. We look forward to hearing from you.

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