Junk food brain? Atrophy and dementia?

Most of us have heard our entire life that we are what we eat. Researchers have proven this over and over. Recently, an article in BMC Medicine illustrated this very message in a very harsh take home point: Those who ate a Western diet had smaller, more atrophic brains. So, it is true. What is junk food. The researchers further elucidated the types of foods that cause the problem.

1. Sugary drinks – pop, fruit juice, and some energy drinks

2. Salty snacks – oh my, this is my weakness

3. Processed meats

The study shows that these folks had much smaller hippocampi than their cohorts. Furthermore, those adults who ate a diet that was richer in vegetables, fruits, and fish have a much larger hippocampi. This was consistent even when you take out the other factors such as smoking, lack of physical exercise, education, and depression.

These findings were done by measuring the size of the hippocampus in adults from the age of 60-64 years. Further studied was the diet and a range of other activities. The consistent finding throughout was the diet was the single biggest factor for smaller brains.

In summary, the researchers proved that a diet in junk food led to a smaller brain that accelerated dementia and a decline in mental health. Moral of the story: You best eat your veggies.

To your health,

Dr. Haendiges

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